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appeared as of June 30, 2014, the concluding date for the period during which the network was funded by NordForsk 2010-2014. Founded in 2007, NNIMIPA was initially funded by NordPlus. This website was started in February 2010 while NNIMIPA was still a NordPlus network, and it contains extensive documentation of the activities within NNIMIPA from its inception in 2007 until the final date for the NordForsk grant in June 2014.

     The contacts that were established among researchers in the Nordic area and beyond through NNIMIPA have resulted in myriad cooperative research efforts. A significant number of these activities continue to be documented on the website which you  are most welcome to visit.


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Nordic Network for the Integration of Music Informatics, Performance and Aesthetics


Musicality, the phenomenon of artistic expression through musical practices, is a complex subject in need of deeper research that effectively integrates an array of scholarly approaches. NNIMIPA, the Nordic Network for Integration of Music Informatics, Performance and Aesthetics will have its one day research planning meeting and mini-symposium “Understanding Musicality” on Friday 22 June 2012 in Bergen, Norway.

The NNIMIPA meeting will be held immediately following the “Researching Music Practices” symposium of the Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies (GRS), June 18-21, at which some NNIMIPA members will offer a panel presentation.


Here are the details regarding the Understanding Musicality meeting of NNIMIPA (including a schedule and program with titles of research presentations):


NNIMIPA meeting in Bergen, 2012:

Title: Understanding Musicality


Place: ROOM D-413, Bergen University College, Faculty of Education. Landåssvingen 15, N- 5096 Bergen, Norway


Date: Friday, June 22, 2012


Time: 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Questions about the seminar?: Send email to Professor David Hebert (Grieg Academy, Bergen University College)



A detailed schedule with titles and abstracts will be posted here shortly, but some highlights of the upcoming meeting will include the following:

Network coordinator Cynthia M. Grund (with William Westney) will discuss how a NNIMIPA project on music and gesture that began in Oslo has expanded beyond the Nordic region with international research partners working at universities in both Texas and the UK. Kristoffer Jensen and Søren R. Frimodt-Møller will also present joint research projects entitled "Who Will Do the Solo? Studying Interaction and Decision Processes in a Small Jazz Group” and "MoCap and Audio Feature Analysis of Emotional Piano Performances”. Sigrún Lilja Einarsdóttir will present a paper entitled “J. S. Bach in everyday life: The ‘choral identity’ of an amateur ‘art music’ Bach choir and the concept of ‘choral capital’.” Oded Ben-Horin will discuss his European network project for music/science partnerships and its relevance to NNIMIPA’s mission. Alex Ruthmann will present some highlights from his recent research on new media musicianship and David Hebert will lead a group discussion of prospective research designs for a future collaborative study on music perception. There may also be a few other presentations and discussions.



-NNIMIPA 2012-Bergen “Understanding Musicality” (June 22)

8:40-Arrival/coffee time
9:00-Welcome and overview from host, David Hebert
9:15-Update and announcements from NNIMIPA Coordinator, Cynthia Grund
9:30-Kristoffer Jensen and Søren Frimodt Møller: two collaborative paper presentations
10:20- Sigrún Lilja Einarsdóttir’s presentation and discussion
10:40-Discussion followed by morning break
11:00-Alex Ruthmann’s brief presentation/discussion
11:20-Oded Ben-Horin’s brief presentation/discussion
11:40-Further introductions, open discussion and introduction to NNIMIPA planning (David Hebert and Cynthia Grund)
14:00-Cynthia Grund and William Westney’s presentation
14:30-Research Planning Discussion (David Hebert)




-Here is the Understanding Musicality (NNIMIPA in Bergen, 2012) website:


-Here is the NNIMIPA website:


-Here is the GRS Conference website:




-Cynthia M. Grund

-David G. Hebert
-Anders Friberg

-Kristoffer Jensen
-Tere Vaden
-Søren R. Frimodt-Møller
-Sigrún Lilja Einarsdóttir
-William Westney (by videoconference)
Alex Ruthmann
-Anne Helle Jespersen
-Fredrik Søegaard
-Morten Heide

-Oded Ben-Horin



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